Are jlaw and josh hutcherson still friends?

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Since then, the duo has certainly seemed to become fast friends. (Photo: WENN) Much like her friendship with Hemsworth, these two became close friends while filming ‘The Hunger Games.’ Off-screen Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson’s bond is so obvious anyone can see it.

Does Josh Hutcherson have a crush on Jennifer Lawrence?

It appears Josh Hutcherson’s on-screen love has also become his off-screen crush. In a recent interview with Glamour magazine the 20-year-old actor dished on his “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” co-star Jennifer Lawrence and his instinctual desire to want a romantic relationship with her when the cameras stop rolling.

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Is Tom Hutcherson dating Jennifer Lawrence?

While Hutcherson confirmed he is not actually dating Lawrence, commenting on his relationship with his “Paradise Lost” co-star turned girlfriend, actress Claudia Traisac, he did discuss his affinity for romancing his co-stars.

Why did Josh and Jennifer Aniston give each other the finger?

When Josh playfully teased Jennifer about being an Oscar winner: 9. And she gave him the finger because they are so loving with each other: 10. When Josh tried to make an entrance to the group photo and Jennifer welcomed him with open arms: 11. Literally with open arms. 12. Like, she’s always happy to see him. 13.

How did Jennifer feel about Josh’s rash?

When Josh told Jennifer to watch out for that small white thing on the floor: 18. When Jennifer made sure Josh’s rash was OK because she cares. 19. And since his rash was fine she could hug and squeeze him and they could laugh together. 20. When she did a robot-type thing in front of him and he looked at her in amazement.

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