Are yamen and aissata still together?

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bustle.comImage: bustle.comFor now, it seems like Yamen and Aissata are still together after Love Island and giving their relationship a shot. President Joe Biden’s announcement that the U.S. will end its support of a Saudi-led coalition’s yearslong war against Yemen’s Houthi rebels likely will increase pressure on the kingdom to end its campaign there.

Is Aissata in love with Yamen?

Among the six new islanders who entered the villa looking for love, one girl Aissata took an immediate interest in him. During a game of truth and dare, Aissata gets a dare and she is asked to kiss the boy who she wants to have sex with. Aissata immediately discloses that she practices celibacy, but if she had to pick a guy it would be Yamen.

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Will Yamen ditch Aissata?

Viewers were sure Yamen would ditch Aissata, especially after she revealed she was saving herself for marriage. However, during one of the competitions, Yamen learned social media thought he was a player. It became a changing point for him.

Why doesn’t Aissata Yamen post on Instagram?

If Aissata only uses her Instagram to further her career that could explain why Yamen has not popped up on it. Speaking of the model/real estate agent, he has not posted a peep about Aissata in the last three weeks. He last shared a picture of the duo with the captions “ISSA CHOCOLATE THING.”

Are Yamen Sanders and Aissata Diallo from Love Island USA still together?

It has been exactly one month since the finale of Love Island USA. The CBS reality TV show ended with six couples walking off into the sunset together. Out of the six duos that left the Fiji island in a relationship, fans were skeptical of two of the budding romances. Yamen Sanders and Aissata Diallo were at the top of that list.

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For now, it seems like Yamen and Aissata are still together after Love Island and giving their relationship a shot. Episode 20 (August 5, 2019) Tonight! There are very few men who want to wait that long to be intimate It’s a unanimous vote for Katrina and Cashel, who .


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