Best Midori Sour

Best Midori Sour
Best Midori Sour

The Midori Sour is a refreshing drink which combines the taste of melon with the bite of lemon to create an appetizing cocktail. This classic cocktail can be served in many different ways, so it’s important to know how to make this beverage correctly when serving at parties or restaurants. Here are some things you should do when making a Midori Sour:

1. Make sure that you use fresh ingredients; otherwise your drink will not be tasty and may even lead to stomach problems if left un-refrigerated for too long!

2. Serve on ice in order to keep your drink cold and delicious throughout parties or other events where they will sit out for longer periods of time than usual (for example, during backyard barbecues).

What’s in a Midori Sour?

The answer to that question depends on who you ask. The classic version is, of course, a whisky sour which doesn’t contain any green liqueur. But there are other variations such as the Green Gin Sour which contains lime juice and green Chartreuse instead of lemon or lime juice and simple syrup.

Some people prefer their midori sours with no cherry garnish and others like them sans nothing because every ingredient has meaning in this sophisticated cocktail! It could be argued that making a Green Midori Sour requires less effort than it takes to travel to downtown Tokyo and order one from the master mixologist at Hotel Okura’s Bar High Five .

Things to know about Sour Midori

More about Midori

More about MidoriRelative to other alcohols, Midori was found in a 2007 Croatian study (R)  to induce the greatest negative shift in mood , when imbibed orally. The researchers described significant increases in anxiety and fatigue , when compared with placebo; and significant decreases in “vigor,” “energy,” and “joy.”

This is an important finding, as it appears that midori is pleasant tasting enough that one may be tempted to drink too much of it on a single occasion! Not smart… Also, we do not know which of the following were responsible for the effect: methanol or butanol contamination of commercial drinks (most brands contain 20 – 25% ethanol). If you want test this further: if your

How to make a Midori sour…right in the glass

This cocktail is named after the green-tinged Japanese liqueur (shu), Midori. This drink can be made in a shaker, but I like to make it right in the glass. It’s not only pretty, it’s easy, too.

First you need to cut the fruit.

Cut it vertically, but not all the way through. Leave enough on both ends to make a handle for stirring.

Next fill with 3 ounces of gin and about 1/4 cup of simple syrup (1 part sugar dissolved in 1 part water). Then close up the fruit by twisting the top into place over the bottom half, then poke 2-3 holes on each side for air circulation. The Midori Sour will be ready within 24 hours of being filled! Place in refrigerator until ready to serve…the longer you let it sit, the better it gets! Garnish with slice of lemon or lime if desired :^) This recipe is designed for one drink or more!

Step it up: serve with clear ice!

Midori is a 20+ proof liqueur that is sweet, but the sweetness goes well with the taste of sour fruits used to make it. In fact, Midori’s name comes from its green color which was chosen because of the bitter-tasting skin of one type of green citrus fruit.

To serve it best, treat it as a cordial and avoid adding water or ice – this will destroy any fine flavor you might have otherwise gotten from your drink. Instead, pour two shots over clear ice in a short glass and enjoy!

Midori Sour recipes:

1 oz Midori (20 proof) liqueur ½ oz lime juice 1 tsp simple syrup Shake ingredients with ice and strain

More reference: jack’s fruit

Step it up: serve with clear ice!

Step it up: serve with clear ice!

When to serve a Midori sour

When to serve a Midori sour
When to serve a Midori sour

The Midori sour is almost unanimously agreed upon to be the go-to choice for the inexperienced cocktail drinker. The Midori, which looks like a radioactive green creamsicle and tastes like one too, is sweet but not cloying, easy to mix with soda or tonic water (which I recommend), and very low in alcohol. It goes down easy enough that even if you’ve never had a sip of alcohol before, you’ll be feeling pretty good after 4-6 sips.

To put it more bluntly: they’re undeniably feminine, so much so that they are often referred to as “girl drinks” among bartenders (and this isn’t meant as any sort of slur). They’re best served at pool parties

fleetserviceshocrv hope the above information will help you have a delicious drink

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