Did inksnation start paying?

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Is inksnation a scam?

SiBAN added Inksnation to its scam list after Inksnation was purported to have stated that it is registered with the association. This came prior to the time SEC released their own statement. Going back to the card, I find it disturbing how the Pinkard is generated.

How do I sign-up and pay with inksnation?

When you have chosen a plan, you will go ahead and fill the Sign-Up form. After filling the form, you will then contact the person that introduced you to Inksnation and pay the correct amount. If no one introduced you, account details to make payment will be provided for you.

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How many new users does inksnation have?

So the more referrals you have, the more commission you will get during withdrawal. But all these happenings never stopped persons from joining the site. Inksnation recorded more than 100,000 living nodes (new users) on 5 th September 2020 alone. Presently (8 th Sept. 2020), there are 2,557,131 living nodes.

What is inksnation (ink)?

This means that every human being that signs up with Inksnation becomes a living node on its blockchain. As stated on its platform, it claims its project is not time-oriented rather target-oriented. That it is centered around making human asset investment the biggest and the best before 2025.


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Step 3: Remit back to Inksnation. After exhausting the ₦70,000, you will only remit N20,000 to the Inksnation company and the remaining ₦50,000 is yours. Having exhausted the initial N70,000, Inksnation will credit your account with another ₦70,000 to repeat the same process. Thus, the answer to how to earn on Inksnation is majorly …

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Oct 17, 2021 · Inksnation is a scheme founded by Amos Sewanu Omotade who calls himself Universal Daddy Ink. It is a scheme that claims to fight poverty and help empower people to become self-independent financially. A scheme that claims to be human-backed and one of the first cryptocurrency which values human lives rather than robots.

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Dec 13, 2020 · 8 Reasons Why Inksnation Is A Scam. Not certified by SEC. iBSmartify Nigeria and InksNation are not permitted to conduct investment activities. Hiding under a fake identity. Failed SiBAN verification process. Vague lifetime bonus. It has ponzi scheme model. The timing.

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Jul 30, 2020 · According to the team at Inksnation, this native reserve coin will pay everyone on earth (including babies born every day) salary for life. It is proposing a minimum of 4,000NGN daily and 120,000NGN will be paid monthly for life as UCBI (Universal Child Basic Income). The Pinkoin has a total supply of 144,000,000 coins and uses the ticker – PKN.

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– Inksnation doesn’t have any Trust Seals. – Poor customer services, websites and UI design. – Moreover they claim to pay pay every single Nigerian, African and Human being on earth including babies born everyday a minimum of N120,000 ($330) monthly for …

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Answer (1 of 4): It’s a scam. Let’s see what they’re offering: * ALL BENEFITS ARE IN PinKoin * SIGNUP BONUS (IBGrant ₦5,580 worth of PinKoin) * Monthly IBSalary ₦120,000 worth of PinKoin * Usage of all funds in PinKoin will be active by August 12th, 2020 * …

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