Do mongolians speak russian?

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Ultimately though, Mongolians do not speak or write in Russian. There is, however, a lot of older generation people who were born during 1940-1980 who speak decent Russian as a second language. But, the Mongolian language is completely separate from the Slavic languages in origin.

Why does Mongolia teach Russian as a second language?

During Mongolia’s communist period, which ended in 1990, it was government policy to teach Russian as a second language in schools, and you had to speak Russian to go to universities. In 1990, an attempt was made to retrain half the Russian teachers to teach English instead so that students could learn either foreign language.

How many people speak Mongolian in Mongolia?

95% of Mongolia’s population speaks Mongolian. Mongolian is the most widely spoken of the Mongolic languages. 5.2 million people speak Mongolian. 56% of the world’s speakers of the Mongolian language live in Mongolia While Mongolian dominates are a spoken languages in Mongolia, this is not the only Mongolic language spoken in the nation.

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Do Mongols live in Russia?

They also live as minorities in other regions of China (e.g. Xinjiang ), as well as in Russia. Mongolian people belonging to the Buryat and Kalmyk subgroups live predominantly in the Russian federal subjects of Buryatia and Kalmykia .

What is the origin of the Mongolic languages?

The specific origin of the Mongolic languages and associated tribes is unclear. Linguists have traditionally proposed a link to the Tungusic and Turkic language families, included alongside Mongolic in the broader group of Altaic languages, though this remains controversial.

Do Mongolian and Russian sound similar? Asian (ME) speaking in Russian.

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Jun 19, 2021 · It is very possible for a Mongolian to learn how to speak Russian today. Learning to read, write and speak Russian may be possible at any age. There is an abundance of materials available to help children, adults and even infants learn the basics.


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Answered 5 years ago · Author has 258 answers and 1.6M answer views. Russian is the most popular foreign language in Mongolia, although English and Korean are quickly rising to the top. There are no hard numbers but a sizable minority can speak Russian, and a majority of people over age 40 can understand it.


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Do Mongolian speak russian? Close. 7. Posted by 5 months ago. Do Mongolian speak russian? I’ve heard that younger generations don’t really speak russian, is that true? 14 comments. share. save.


5. The Languages spoken in Mongolia

The Mongolian language uses the modified Cyrillic alphabet. The most popular foreign languages in Mongolia are English and Russian. English speakers have been increasing significantly in the past years. The Korean language is also spoken by a good number of Mongolians especially those who are working in South Korea.


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· 5y The only language that Mongolians get a bad vibe from is Chinese. Russians are usually well respected in Mongolia, so speaking Russian should not be a cultural issue, but only some elderly people will understand you in most cases. There might be a few more Russian speakers in the northern parts next to Russia. 6 level 2 iSmokeGauloises Op · 5y


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Jun 18, 2018 · The Russian language is Europe’s largest native language and the world’s seventh largest language by number of speakers. Approximately 260 million people speak Russian, and out of these, about 150 million are native speakers. Russian is spoken both as a first and second language and is the official language for Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan …


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May 10, 2016 · A quick (social media) poll to the question “In addition to your mother tongue Mongolian, what other language do you speak/use?” suggests English is taking over from Russian as the preferred second language in Mongolia. However, Russian language holds a strong root in Mongolian society and culture. Considering the rise of China globally and the China-Mongolia …

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