Do transformational leaders play favorites?

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Transformational leaders are exemplary positive role models who attract admiration. Sam Walton, founder of Walmart, frequently visited stores across the country to connect with and encourage frontline employees. • Inspirational Motivation. They encourage followers to recognize the part they play in the organization’s vision and growth.

What makes a good transformational leader?

“When you look at people that are good examples of transformational leaders, you think of the people that have had an impact, whether that’s on an organization or on the country,” Stein says. “These are the people that can rise to any challenge and bring everybody together collectively to make a difference.”

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What are the biggest differentiators in transformational leadership?

Here are the five biggest differentiators: Transformational leaders practice taking personal accountability. This is the single largest differentiator in progress I have observed.

Is transformational leadership the new leadership normal?

In today’s highly turbulent and uncertain business environment, navigating a constant state of agile transformation is the new leadership normal. Despite articles addressing transformational leadership qualities, one indispensable quality, core to being an impactful transformational leader, appears to have been overlooked.

Where do transformational leaders fit in the workplace?

Most transformational leaders are found at the executive levels of organizations because, “they have to be in a position of responsibility to impact the success of their organizations,” Stein adds.

Transformational Leadership Theory

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