Does clay get hard?

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Important to note is, that polymer clay is not hard right away when you take it out of the oven. The clay is still soft and it needs to cool down to become hard and fully cured. So take the sculpture out of the oven and put it somewhere, where it can cool down without being disturbed in any way.

Can clay be hardened?

Keep in mind, some clays aren’t meant to be hardened, such as oil-based modeling clay, so check the packaging of the clay that you’re using to make sure it’s possible!

Does clay go bad if it gets wet?

Because the water is taken out of the clay, it’s lighter and costs less to ship. Dry clay is also easier to store. You can store dry clay forever; it never starts to stink or go bad from other contaminants that may invade your wet clay.

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Does clay get soft when incubated?

Not only does is crumble and not get soft when incubated (which is my special technique that I use to warm clay, I sit on it!), but it stays hard. Here’s a simple trick that will save you time, frustration, and effort. In the example shown below I am actually making my own color blend.

How do you know when Clay is ready to use?

The clay has stiffened up enough to be to able handle it without marking it up with your fingers. Your clay should be the right stage of leather hard. If it’s too soft, the clay will be too mushy to trim properly, and the handles will not be able to stay attached to the mug or cup.

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Jun 02, 2011 · To harden modeling clay that’s polymer-based, start by placing the clay on a ceramic baking dish. Then, bake the clay in the oven for 10-30 minutes at 215-300 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on what the packaging your clay came in says. When the clay is finished baking, immediately dunk it in a bath of ice water for 30 seconds so it stops baking.


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If you mean “hard” as in “fired in a kiln”…well, you’re out of luck. Fired pottery is essentially stone, and cannot be made soft again. Clay that has dried out can be rehydrated and made soft again. Unfortunately, due to the molecular structure of clay, you can’t just soak a big piece of clay in water if you want to use it during your lifetime.


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