Does joon woo like cha young?

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Joon-hoo is fond of Cha-young and this may complicate his ability to ruthlessly crush the opposition. It’s an original premise and the cast is talented. “Watching such a diverse cast is a joy,” said Taecyeon.

Do joon-Woo and Cha-Young end up together?

You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. In the beginning of the show, Joon-woo and Cha-young are close friends. But when Cha-young discovers Joon-woo’s identity, she ends the relationship.

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Who is Choi joonwoo in random chat?

Wiki Joonwoo Choi (최준우, Choi Joonwoo) is the primary protagonist of the Random Chat, also known as The Girl from Random Chatting! (랜덤채팅의 그녀!), webtoon series.

What does Jang Joon woo now know about Vincenzo?

Jang joon Woo now knows that Vincenzo was a consigliere feared by all in Italy and he has a record of all the crimes he committed while there. It is clear that he intends to frame him for all the bloodbath he has caused. He also realises that “C” stands for “the Cassano family” and this warning is one that is issued right before death.

What happened between Han Seo and Jang Joon woo?

He shows up to the hospital and demands top-notch treatment for his mother and while he does sound scary, his mother’s heart is warmed by his concern. On the other hand, Jang Joon Woo bludgeons Mr Seo to death and Han Seo orders an attack on Hong Cha Young.

Jang Han-seok love confession to Cha-young❤️ | Ep. 1-20 Moments🥰| #Vincenzo

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Jang Joon Woo is an intern lawyer who works with Hong Cha Young and has a huge crush on her (it’ll be interesting to see if a love triangle will ensue). He’s a bit clumsy and ditzy, so expect some funny and adorable moments.


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