Does predisposing factors mean?

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Predisposing Factors Definition Predisposing factors are the risk factors that make a person more susceptible to developing a disease. It should not be confused with precipitating factors. Although they seem the same, they are two different terms.

What are predisposing factors in predisposing?

PREDISPOSING FACTORS. The initial version of the PRECEDE model adapted the concept of predisposing characteristics from Andersen and Stycos to concentrate on motivational factors subject to change through direct communication or education — that is, factors that predispose individuals or populations to want to change their behavior.

What is a predisposing factor in case formulation?

A predisposing factor can be defined as a physiological state (e.g. age), pathological condition (e.g. hypertension), or a habit (smoking, for example) that is associated with a higher rate of occurrence. Secondly, what are the 5 P’s of case formulation?

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What does predispose mean in psychology?

Predispose usually means putting someone in a frame of mind to be willing to do something. So a longtime belief in the essential goodness of people, for example, will predispose us to trust a stranger.

What are predisposing factors that are not easy to change?

Predisposing Factors That Are Not Amenable to Change. The PRECEDE-PROCEED model views other factors such as genetic, sociodemographic, and personality characteristics as also playing a role in predisposing to health-related behavior.

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1. Predisposing Factors |

“Predisposing factors” are defined in these models as factors that exert their effects prior to a behavior occurring, by increasing or decreasing a person or population’s motivation to undertake that particular behavior.


2. Predisposing factor | definition of predisposing factor by Medical …

An aspect of personal behaviour or lifestyle, an environmental exposure, or an inborn or inherited characteristic associated with an increased likelihood of disease or other health-related event or condition; a variable that affects the …


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Some predisposing factors for promotion comprise a solid performance record, including evidence of one’s contribution in their existing role, ability to lead others effectively, ambition to grow and rise in one’s career, potential to handle challenges associated with the role to which one is to be promoted, ability to deal with stakeholders amiably, and adherence to …


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Define predisposing factor. predisposing factor synonyms, predisposing factor pronunciation, predisposing factor translation, English dictionary definition of predisposing factor. n. A characteristic, condition, or behavior, such as high blood pressure or smoking, that increases the possibility of disease or injury.


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incline, bias, dispose, predispose mean to influence one to have or take an attitude toward something. incline implies a tendency to favor one of two or more actions or conclusions. I incline to agree bias suggests a settled and predictable leaning in one direction and connotes unfair prejudice. the experience biased him against foreigners dispose suggests an affecting of one’s …


7. What Are Predisposing Factors for Disease? –

Mar 25, 2020 · A predisposing factor to disease is a substance, event, characteristic or condition that contributes to the disease’s onset. It does this by preventing the body from defending itself efficiently. Predisposing factors also include hereditary conditions and lifestyle factors. For example, common non-modifiable risk factors for heart disease include being male, having a …


8. Systematic Review: Predisposing, Precipitating, Perpetuating, and …

Sep 03, 2015 · Predisposing factors are those that put a child at risk of developing a problem (in this case, high anticipatory distress). These may include genetics, life events, or temperament. Precipitating factors refer to a specific event or trigger to the onset of the current problem.


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