For which ancient civilization did the flooding?

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Was there a great flood that wiped out the ancient civilizations?

Almost all ancient civilizations have a story about a great flood that wiped out civilization. For instance, there is a document found in Nippur, which was in ancient Babylonia, in the Fertile Crescent, written in the 19th century before the Common Era.

How did the Great Flood of Egypt affect civilization?

It is more than 4,000 years old and describes a great flood that destroyed civilization. Only a single family survived by building a boat, and from them the rest of civilization rebuilt.

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Where did the Great Flood come from?

In the fifth century before the Common Era, the Greek poet Pindar wrote a poem about the great flood. There are flood legends among the ancients who lived in Borneo, Sri Lanka, New Guinea and Russia. Similarly, the Mongols, Chinese and American Indians have it, as well as the Aleuts and Eskimos.

What caused the flood in the Indus Valley Civilization?

Civilization and Floods in the Indus Valley. Whether these uplifts were the result of bedrock faulting or of eruptive extrusions of “volcanic” mud remains to be seen. Geologists agree, nonetheless, that the uplifting did occur. The “dam” created by this uplift process backed up the waters of the Indus River.

What you need to know about the GREAT FLOODING of ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS

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