Has super silver haze?

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What is Super Silver Haze and how does it work?

Regarding serious medical conditions, Super Silver Haze seems to have impacted the community of individuals suffering from severe chronic depression, tending to promote enlightened emotions of contentment, and even happiness.

Does Super Silver Haze need nitrogen to grow?

Unlike indicas that typically require more nutrients to grow, your Super Silver Haze is a sativa-dominant strain, hence it requires less feeding. While Super Silver Haze does need reasonably high levels of nitrogen during the vegetative stage, the dosing should still be balanced.

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What does the Super Silver Haze strain taste like?

Flavor-wise, the Super Silver Haze marijuana strain can possess hints of citrus but is overall herbal, spicy, sour, and earthy. The appearance of this reefer features a wide array of cool and muted tones, becoming more vibrant at the tips of the plant. The sugar leaves tend to be a faded green in color, with gray and pastel purple/pink accents.

What are Super Silver Haze edibles?

Super Silver Haze edibles, concentrates, live resin, candies, shatter, hash and gummies are all ways to access a higher percentage of THC, generally with less efforts involved (i.e. you don’t have to smoke 14 bowls in a row). Super Silver Haze Review: Possible Negative Side Effects

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1. Super Silver Haze aka SSH Weed Strain Information | …

Super Silver Haze is a sativa marijuana strain bred by Green House Seeds. It was the first prize winner at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1997, 1998, and 1999.

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2. Wikileaf: Super Silver Haze Marijuana Strain Information

Motivating as it can be, Super Silver Haze shifts gears during the second half of its long-lasting high and begins to soothe the body. Users may experience a brightening of colors and sharpening of sounds. For most users, the strain can be effective daytime medication for fatigue, mood disorders, nausea, and migraines.

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3. Super Silver Haze Marijuana Strain Information & Reviews …

Apr 22, 2022 · THC: 18% – 23%. Super Silver Haze, also known as “SSH” or “SS Haze ,” is a sativa dominant hybrid strain (80% sativa/20% indica) created through crossing the infamous Skunk X Northern Lights X Haze strains. Known for its super heady high and long-lasting effects, Super Silver Haze is the perfect bud for any sativa lover who really wants to kick back.

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4. Super Silver Haze Strain Review >>> Effects, Origin, Yield …

Dec 02, 2021 · Super Silver Haze can create a slight headache and occasionally bring on some mild dizzy spells. Patients love this potent strain for many reasons. Super Silver Haze treats a long list of mental health issues, making it a powerful game changer in the treatment of cases like depression and anxiety.

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5. Super Silver Haze – Strain Information – CannaConnection

Super silver haze is known to have a powerful, sweet, and somewhat spicy aroma. The sweet skunk smell combined with the earthy haze and stark Afghani scents from the Northern Lights all combine magically together.

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6. Super Silver Haze | Marijuana Strain Library | PotGuide

Description. Perhaps the most award-winning strain ever created, Super Silver Haze was the prized brainchild of renowned Green House breeder Shantibaba. A fusion of 2 of the most desirable commercial strains (Skunk #1 and Northern Lights #5) and the racy and rangy Haze C, SSH is considered by many to be the perfect Sativa-dominant hybrid, combining the best in …

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7. Everything You Need to Know About Growing Super Silver Haze

Nov 10, 2020 · Super Silver Haze diminishes stress, increases alertness, and soothes the entire body. Medical uses of Super Silver Haze include relief from daytime fatigue, muscle soreness, chronic back pain, nausea, and a lack of appetite. It also helps with anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

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9. Super Silver Haze Strain Review in 2022– High Times …

It has the power to remove the stress, anxiety, and nervousness inside you. Super Silver Haze Strain was made after crossing the Northern Lights strain with Skunk #1 and Haze by Green House Seeds. The energy and the legendary Skunk traits from the parents make this strain a …

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