How much does viral bhayani earn?

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Who is viral Bhayani?

Some Lesser Known Facts About Viral Bhayani. Viral Bhayani is an Indian photographer and content creator who is famous for his role as a paparazzi. He started his career as a journalist for a media house and his dream was to give Bollywood celebrity spotting a different space and take it to international heights.

When did viral Bhayani launch his official app?

In 2019, he launched his official app, After the launch of his official app, The Viral Bhayani App in 2019, which has become a one-stop destination for all kinds of latest Bollywood entertainment updates. Viral also widened his portfolio by adding sportspersons and newsmakers spotting on his feed.

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How did viral Bhayani change the stigma of paparazzi?

People working in the field of photography as paparazzi had a bad reputation for invading the privacy of famous celebrities and people but Viral Bhayani helped in changing the stigma and gave paparazzi’s the respect they deserve. Viral Bhayani was born in 1977 ( age 43 years; as of 2020) in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Which celebrities prefer to get their pictures clicked by viral Bhayani?

Most of the celebrities prefer to get their pictures and personal events clicked by Viral Bhayani. Viral Bhayani has more than 1 million followers on his Instagram, and he has posted more than 30,000 photos on his Instagram profile.

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