How To Draw Lips | 7 Simple Step To Draw Lips

How To Draw Lips | 7 Simple Step To Draw Lips
How To Draw Lips | 7 Simple Step To Draw Lips

Lips are an integral part of facial beauty and expression. Luckily, you can draw lips with the right tools and a little practice. By following these steps, you will be able to create beautiful drawings that capture your imagination and take your artistry to the next level.
What do we learn about this blog post? We learn what it is going to teach us (drawing lips) as well as how to draw lips (following steps). We also get a sense for how professional or complicated this topic might be by reading “capture your imagination” which implies that drawing lips isn’t too hard but still requires some skill.

How to draw lips

How to draw lips?

Some might think that it is simple, because it is human body. However, to draw lips can be quite difficult. Lips are almost as beautiful as flowers; their beauty comes from deformation and irregularity.

Currently there exists a method of drawing and coloring lips printed by the magazine called “How To Draw Manga: A Complete Course on How To Draw Anime”, published by PIE Books Co., Ltd. It provides instructions not only how to draw the lips but also about colors and textures of them.

Let’s start then!

Step 1: The upper lip is bigger than the bottom one. This rule works most of time, but sometimes artists use different proportions for characters’ lips, such as Kyo Sohma, from popular manga and anime “Fruits Basket”.

Step 2: First draw a line, which is twice as big as the upper lip.

Step 3: Draw two lines under it for three times.

Step 4: Outline the lips’ contours outwards with such formula.

Drawing lips with such technique makes quite smooth lips that look like plastic. If you want to make them rougher – erase those curves from step 3 and instead of drawing with a pen use paints or markers. Add some color on the pencil base and draw over it again for more contrasting result (like in Valentine de Landro’s work). You can also shape and shade your character’s lips by turning her away light source; sometimes not having that light source at all gives you the best effect.

Step 5: Lips’ texture is important if you want to achieve more realistic results.

Step 6: To make lips look like they are wet, first draw some white dots on them; each dot should be between two of your previous lines (lines from steps 2-4). After that draw a line below both lips, which connects those dots. Draw three lines for right and left upper lip, but don’t connect them to mouth on the opposite side! On lower part of the mouth draw only one line. Put some color on pencil’s base and draw over it again for more vibrant effect (like in Madman Entertainment poster). This way you will create wetness illusion on your lips.

Step 7: Do not forget to draw the reflection of light on your character’s lips! It is especially important when drawing characters who are in the open because you should show the texture of their skin (which means shades, bumps and other irregularities) through it. Don’t make this reflection too big; if your character’s head is turned up or down, his/her reflection will change accordingly. Erase everything that might be in the way.

You can also add some color into that white dot to highlight them, but do not go overboard with colors – only two colors are enough for this effect, e.g., red and pink colors mixed together work best for human skin tones. This technique is good for making lipstick look shiny (like in Yuri Lowenthal’s drawing).

Simple steps to draw lips
Simple steps to draw lips

Last but not least, lips should touch each other; those touching spots should be painted with the darkest color. That step is important because it makes your character feel like it is really there and breathing!

Baby girl with beauty lips
Baby girl with beauty lips

The best way to draw a mouth is by making the lips full. Start with two circles and connect them at the center, this will make your drawing easier because you can use it as an anchor point for all of your other lines. Next, take care in how you place the lines on top of each other so that they don’t overlap or look like one line instead of three different ones. Finally, darken and thicken your lip shape (and if necessary add shading) to give it depth and realism! Thanks for your reading, wish you do your best!

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