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How to Fillet a Fish (quick and easy way)

ALWAYS CUT AWAY FROM YOUR HAND!!! Here I show you how to fillet a fish. The example fish is a Blackfish aka Tog (Tautoga onitis). This method works for most fishes and is the simplest way to fillet. I give a basic breakdown of how to make your cuts and slowly go though it so you can follow along.

Here is the fillet kit I was using:

1.) Cut behind the head from the top all the way to the bottom of the head.
2.) Cut down the stomach cavity to the anal fin
3.) Cut along the dorsal fin rays starting from the head and moving to the tail
4.) Place the knife perpendicular to the backbone behind the head, and cut to the tail pressing down.
5.) Skin you fillet
6.) Wash your fillet with fresh water and cook or refrigerate for up to 5 days.

Always cut away from your hand, keep your knife sharp, and be careful!

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