How To Open A Can Without A Can Opener

How To Open A Can Without A Can Opener
How To Open A Can Without A Can Opener

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to open a can without a can opener? If you’re in a bind with your can opener and it’s too late to order one online, this is the article for you. We’ve all been there before. If this is the case, fear not; we have some great tips to show you how to open a can without a can opener as below!

How to open a can without a can opener?

Here are a few ways to do this. One way is to use a knife. Another way is to use your hands.

To open a can with a knife, you will need a sharp knife. Cut the top of the can away from where the can opener will go. Be careful not to cut yourself. Then use a knife to pry the top of the can.

To open the can by hand, you will need some leverage. Find something long and thin that you can use as leverage, such as a pencil or screwdriver. Place the lever on top of the can and push it down until the lid pops off. Be careful not to cut yourself into the sharp edges of the can.

How to open can without can opener

Instruction: How to open a can without a can opener?

Here are some useful techniques that will help you when you find yourself trapped in such situation where you cannot open an ordinary tin can .

You probably have seen in movies, people crushing the surface of a can to open in. Though it does not look difficult in movies, but actually opening a can with a rough surface seems next to impossible.

Here are some useful techniques that will help you when you find yourself trapped in such situation where you cannot open an ordinary tin can .

1. Using Your Teeth

Grab hold of the can roughly one centimeter from its edge along with your teeth and pull down. You should be able to tear off small pieces by pulling downward sharply only at the mouth of the can . Make sure your grip is firm so that neither too much force nor too little force is used for removing lids. The procedure may take time, but it is the most convenient way to open a can.

2. With a Knife

This is another way that will help you open a can without any tools required. It is also one of the easiest methods if you have a knife around! Check tips below for instructions:
Grip the can opener firmly with your non-dominant hand, making sure that the blade is facing down. Hold the blade of the knife with your dominant hand and push it firmly between the can and its lid until you hear a popping sound. Apply pressure on the edge of knife to cut through metal seal. Keep pushing down on the knife handle so that you can lift up can’s lid. Be careful not to hurt yourself as sharp edges may still be present!
This method is especially helpful if the circumference of the can’s lid is greater than that of the knife blade. Again, make sure your grip is firm so that you don’t cut yourself while opening the can.

Open a can with a knife

3. The Hammer and Nail Method

This is another popular way of opening a can when there is no tool available. All you need is a hammer and nail . Simply put the nail in the center of the lid and tap it gently with a hammer. Do not exert too much force; do it gently and carefully. The result is a neat and clean puncture in the lid of the can that does not destroy the contents inside.

4. With a Screwdriver or Drill

You can use a power drill with a screwdriver bit to open up the lid on your canned goods. This method will be most effective when you have large circular lids, but it may damage cans which have smaller diameter lids

5. Using a Wood Chisel and Mallet

This is another way of opening a can without an opener . Find a wood chisel and tap the edge with your mallet to puncture the lid. Lift up the lid carefully using pliers after making sure that it has been completely cut open. This method is especially useful when you want to retain the contents inside the cans, as most other methods end up piercing right through it causing loss of food or liquid from inside.

6. Using a metal spoon

Steps: 1. Take your metal spoon and use its edge to cut along the lip of the lid just enough so that it does not pull back up when pressure is applied. Once you have made an incision large enough for your finger, wedge your finger inside and pry off the lid. Practice makes perfect with this method so feel free to open several cans before actually needing to use it in a survival situation. With the lid off, you can now eat the contents of the can or use it as a makeshift cup or bowl. NOTE: Be sure to thoroughly clean your spoon before reuse.

Open the can with metal spoon

7. Open with your car keys

Use your car keys and poke them around the rim of the lid. Once its in go round with your fingers and pry off while holding on so you dont cut yourself.

From our experience, we think that the easiest and fastest way to open a can without a can opener is with brute force. The best method for this would be inserting something like an ice pick or screwdriver into the seam on top of lid and twisting it back and forth until you’ve punctured enough holes in the metal so that air pressure from inside the container will cause it to pop open. This process may take some trial-and-error but once you get used to how much torque/force needs applied, opening cans should become much faster than using one of those finicky old gadgets. wish you try succeed!

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