How To Say Thank You Sign Language | Sign Language Phrases

How To Say Thank You Sign Language | Sign Language Phrases
How To Say Thank You Sign Language | Sign Language Phrases

According to the National Association of the Deaf, “ASL is a complete language that uses hand shapes and movements to express meaning.” Sign Language is one of the most expressive languages in existence. It was first used by deaf people as early as 1814, but it wasn’t until 1817 when Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet brought Laurent Clerc over from France for schooling at his home in Hartford, Connecticut. This meeting led to the establishment of schools for deaf children across America – 1st in Northampton, Massachusetts; 2nd in Hartford; 3rd New York City (1818).
There are many resources available online and in print to help you learn about ASL. This web post will introduce how to say thank you sign language!

What is sign language? Thank you Sign Language

Sign language is a form of communication than can be used by the hearing impaired and it is one of the most important ways to express oneself. It helps people get across ideas and feelings in an easier, more meaningful way. It also provides an easy way for others to practice their gestures and posture while talking.

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How to say thank you sign language?

Ways to say thank you by sign language

There are hundreds of ways to say thank you in sign language. This one is “Thank you very much.” You can use this phrase when someone does something for you or gives you a gift:

– The right hand touches the right cheek. The left hand moves out and up, palm facing forward. Then both hands come together at chest level with palms touching each other.

Here is another way to say thank you by sign language, it’s “I like that” *You can use this phrase when someone compliments your appearance or gives you a gift that you especially like:

– The right hand comes out beside the face, palm facing forward, at about eye level. The fingertips touch chin as the wrist turns down. The left hand comes up from below the chin with fingers facing out, then swing outward with the palm down as the right hand swings back to its original position.

Thank you, I appreciate your time and efforts:

– Form hands into “c” shape forward-facing handshapes with fingers positioned vertically. Then move both hands outward from the body alternately in a downward motion.

Thank you, that was kind of you:

– Form left hand into “delta” shape (thumb up and pinky down) and place on top right elbow while using right hand to tap/pat on left arm twice or more times.

It was nothing:

– Use left hand make “C” shape and tap/pat right forearm twice or more times.

– Clench both hands into fists and tap chest with each fist two to three times

Thank you, I am grateful for your help:

– Form right hand into “C” shape on top of left hand. Tap back on top of left hand once or more while simultaneously touching forehead with index finger of right hand.

I appreciate you asking me out/asking me to do something:

– Place open palm facing outward near own face while moving arm in circular motion. Then sway arm upward and downward.

Thanks, that was considerate of you:

– Make an “X” shape with both arms by framing face with thumbs up and pinkies down. Tap forearm with each arm twice or more times.

It was my pleasure:

– Make a “W” shape with arms by holding left forefinger and thumb together in front of body while using right hand to tap left wrist once or more.

I really appreciate your help:

– Touch temple area with both thumbs in a circular motion simultaneously three times, then tap self on the chest/heart area two times

Thank you for doing what you said you would do:
– Tap lower abdomen twice with palm of one hand while tapping upper abdomen once with same hand.

Thanks for helping me/helping out:
– Using both hands move outward from own body at waist level making an arc like shape.

The popular way to say thank you sign language

Hold one flat hand up to your chin, palm facing towards the face.
Pull the hand forward and towards the person you are thanking. Give a little smile and maybe a nod as below picture:

Thank you in Sign language

It’s always nice to say thank you. Even if it is just in sign language, the gesture still means a lot. This article has provided some tips on how to do so and hope that they have helped for you!

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