Is an egg cell a specialised cell?

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What is the specialization of the egg cell?

Cell Specialization of an Egg Cell. Cytoplasm: “The egg cytoplasm contains nutritional reserves in the form of yolk, which is rich in lipids, proteins, and polysaccharides and is usually contained within discrete structures called yolk granules.

What is the function of an egg cell?

An egg cell is part of the reproductive system in females. The function of this cell is to make babies with the help of the sperm cell. Organelles! Alberts, Bruce.

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How do specific cells become specialised?

Cells become specialised due to particular genes being switched either on or off. For example a nerve cell will have all genes needed to function as this switched on, yet all genes that would correspond to becoming any other type of cell will be switched off.

Why are eggs the most remarkable animal cells?

In one respect at least, eggs are the most remarkable of animal cells: once activated, they can give rise to a complete new individual within a matter of days or weeks. No other cell in a higher animal has this capacity.

GCSE Biology: Specialised Cells (sperm, egg, ciliated epithelial cell, red blood cell, nerve cell)

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May 08, 2016 · However when cells become specialised to perform a particular function within the body, structures may differ and organelles may be more dominant or non-existent in cells. The gametes, egg and sperm cells, are two forms of highly specialised cells.


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