Is crestliner a good boat?

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Are there any problems with Crestliner boats?

Crestliner boats are wildly popular in the freshwater world. They are unique in that they have a welded aluminum hull as opposed to rivets. As with all brands, they have had their issues over the years, but Crestliner has responded by improving their designs and practices when problems arise.

What should I look for when buying a Crestliner?

Cracks around the transom are particularly worrisome as they can let water in, leading to transom rot if not addressed. Cracked welds also weaken the structural integrity of the transom leading to motor mount problems. Make sure to inspect your Crestliner for cracked welds routinely, particularly on the transom. 2. Warranty issues

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Does Crestliner use marine grade plywood?

There are many rumors that Crestliner did not use marine-grade plywood in their construction of older models, but this probably isn’t true. If this were the case, most, if not all, older Crestliners would need all decking and transoms replaced. “Marine grade” means that the glue used to bond the plywood layers together is waterproof.

Is Crestliner welded or riveted construction?

A Crestliner ad uses Navy ships to tout the advantages of welded construction. So when I was back in New York Mills last October to visit the facility where both Crestliner and Lund boats are now made (see Crestliner and Lund: Minnesota Nice ), I asked if it was difficult mixing the two cultures, welded versus riveted, after all these years.

Crestliner Boats- What makes them great?

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Jul 29, 2014 · I think Crestliner makes a very good boat, and they’re hard to beat when it comes to overall value. They also have a lot of layouts and options that appeal to recreational anglers and family boaters, which I’m pretty sure is why they’re so popular in that size range around here.


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