Is kiwisaver a good investment?

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Should you invest in KiwiSaver funds?

Almost all KiwiSaver funds have a portion of the pot invested in shares, and the overriding objective of most KiwiSaver fund managers is to make money. So there’s a high chance that some of the fund’s investments may not align with your values and principles. But it’s not all doom and gloom!

Why choose a KiwiSaver provider?

For the fees we pay, each KiwiSaver provider invests our money and offers help and communications that help us stay on top of our investing. Sorted surveys KiwiSaver providers every six months and scores how well they compare. See our ratings in our KiwiSaver fund finder .

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Are You in KiwiSaver for the long haul?

However, as a KiwiSaver member you should be in it for the long-haul and carefully pick your fund and provider on a range of criteria, including: While Canstar has a free comparison tool that can help you make the right personal choice: just click on this button… Compare KiwiSaver providers for free with Canstar!

Is my KiwiSaver past performance below average?

Check past performance isn’t below average. Investing in KiwiSaver is all about getting the best results possible (after fees and taxes). The goal is to grow your money as much as you can for a first home or the long term.

Ultimate Guide To Kiwi Saver (2022)

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1. Ask an expert: Should I invest more in KiwiSaver, or spread my cash?

Nov 07, 2020 · KiwiSaver is one of the best long-term investment products for New Zealanders given the benefits they enjoy including, in most cases, matching employer contributions, the government member tax …


2. Is Putting Extra Money Into KiwiSaver Worth It? – Canstar

Sep 28, 2021 · And if you’re saving for a first-home, KiwiSaver is also a good option. You can have as much or as little risk as you feel comfortable with, but still see some growth on your investment. If you are simply looking to get more from your savings, whether or not you should put more into your KiwiSaver probably depends on your current saving strategy.


4. KiwiSaver: An Ethical Investing Guide – Canstar

It’s obviously difficult to predict, but an analysis of returns for the first quarter of 2020 showed KiwiSaver funds invested solely in ethical companies were outperforming other funds amidst market volatility. Growth funds were on average down more than 12%, but growth funds that were ethically invested lost under 8%.


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Jul 07, 2020 · OPINION: KiwiSaver is hugely successful. More than 3 million Kiwis have over $50 billion saved, way ahead of Treasury forecasts when it was launched 11 years ago. There hasn’t been a financial …


6. How to pick the right KiwiSaver fund for you » Sorted

The good news is that many KiwiSaver funds invest in one or more index funds. You’ll find them when you sort your type of fund by fees, towards the cheapest end of the market. Under many of those low-cost options, you’ll see that their top 10 investments are in underlying funds from Vanguard, for instance.


7. Is KiwiSaver worth it? : PersonalFinanceNZ

100% yes it’s a good idea, even if you put in the bare minimum ($1042.85) to maximise the govt contribution. If you’re employed and your employer matches your 3% contribution (very normal), you end up saving $512 from your wages, your employer gives you $512 to match your contribution, and the government gives you $512 (50c for every dollar up to $1042.86).


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Mar 29, 2022 · Posted by Bruce Pitchers March 29, 2022. With over 3 million members, KiwiSaver is an investment smash. Canstar counts down the Top 10 KiwiSaver schemes, ranked by members and returns. According to the most recent KiwiSaver report, there are just close to 3.1 million KiwiSaver members, who have $81.6bn invested with 28 …


10. Beginner’s guide to investing outside of KiwiSaver | JUNO

Nov 25, 2019 · KiwiSaver is a great investment tool, and one you’re probably using already. But as your KiwiSaver money is only accessible for your first home or when you reach 65, you might want to invest for other reasons – like an investment property or a financial goal. You might want to put money into some higher risk, or lower risk investments.


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