Mary Kakegurui Story

Mary Kakegurui Story
Mary Kakegurui Story

A series that has the perfect blend of comedy, drama, and suspense is “Mary Kakegurui.” The show follows an elite student who attends a prestigious high school in Japan. As she tries to juggle her social life with her gambling addiction, things get more complicated when she decides to gamble on some interesting odds involving a fellow classmate.
“Mary Kakegurui” is one of those shows that will have you laughing one minute and then feeling tense the next as you watch what happens next. It’s hard not to root for this protagonist as they try their best to overcome their obstacles. This show isn’t just about gambling though; it also touches on family issues from time-to-time which makes it even more intriguing!

Mary Kakegurui Story

What does kakegurui story talk about?

It was a story about mahjong, but it’s also about gambling. Everyone loves mahjong and is good at the strategy of mahjong. The protagonist Mary tekugekya practice hard playing mahjong everyday and she thinks herself as a genius. But when Mary plays with her friends or her opponent, Mary always lose the match because she doesn’t know how to win by getting points rather than just winning rounds. There are many scenes which show how kakegurui tells us that we should think about what we want to do in the future. In this case, one of student who losts matches always cry and give up on everything after losing matches even though he gets points every times. This happened because he has no plan for the future.

However, Mary has a plan because she believe herself as a genius who can do anything if she put her mind to it, so she never cries or gets upset even when she lose matches. She always play mahjong with the idea of making money and takes gambling as an opportunity to get more money. When Mary finally meets her match after playing with many people, Yumeko Jabami appears and makes everything interesting from there…

Mary kakegurui

Who is Mary in kakegurui story?

With a name like Mary, she must be a saint. Saints are more beautiful than normal people.

But Mary is not only beautiful but amazingly strong and agile too. Even with her small size, her skills can’t be underestimated.

No person in this world is perfect so even saints also have their dark side. She’s always trying to act imposing but deep down she’s just an ordinary girl who dreams of love and marriage. Her “saintness” was nothing more than an armor that protects her fragile heart from getting hurt by others’ judgmental eyes. That kind of inner conflict makes her complicated and interesting character.

She often gamble and she rarely lose. Her first time lose on gambling is when her father took all her daily allowance. Since then, she decided to become a professional gambler who doesn’t know the meaning of losing. Mary use her mind to outsmart anything that comes in front of her, whether it’s an animal or human being. Although Mary has the power to beat any opponent with genius mind, there are still some people can beat her at gambling by catching onto what she’s doing next before it happens… And those certain people happen to be high yakuza members where they have connections everywhere that help them keep winning against Mary everytime they gamble! Although wandering around aimlessly trying to find ways to win back everything that were taken from her, but no matter how much money she won, it’s still not enough to feed her gluttony appetite. So to do that, Mary will take anything from anyone who has the skills she needed for her newest schemes.

Another thing Mary is known for is always being surrounded by a lot of guys around the age of 20s-30s… Is there any particular reason why? Well… There’s a rumor going on saying that when she was younger, Mary fell in love with one guy before, and then left him without telling him a word after that night. Since then, until Mary met a handsome young man who looks just like the guy she used to know long time ago when they were still together in front of their parent’s grave shrine. She thought that guy is him, so she ran away from home and stayed with that handsome young man for a while before something happened to them after Mary got drunk one night… And because it was his fault, they end up becoming enemies. Together with all the money she saved up by starting her own business doing whatever she wants, Mary decided to hire people like street fighters or assassins to help her kill that handsome young man without knowing who he really was… But even though Mary tried every single ways to make him killed within 24 hours later, but thanks to one certain shikigami which thinks like an old grandmother telling his master (the handsome guy) about it (making sure not many people knew about stuff between them), he manages to escape from the punishment by the hands of those thugs hired to kill him.

Originally, Mary was born as a yakuza’s baby girl. She lived happily with her family until one day their castle got burned to ashes right before her eyes, and everyone who lives inside it died as well… except for her. Then, she started wandering around aimlessly trying to find ways to survive on her own. After escaping from the burning castle ruins, Mary grew up being trained by a shikigami owned by a high class gambler so she would become a professional gambler herself… But not just a “normal” professional gambler – No, she wants to be THE BEST GAMBLER IN THE WORLD. That’s the only thing she ever wish for… But in order to do that, she needs more power and money. So Mary decided to get a better life by gambling with anyone who is willing to show her their skills.

Mary Kakegurui

If you see excited with above story, let find out and watch it!

The conclusion to this anime is a little bit disappointing because it felt like the writers were trying to rush things. Viewers think that if writers had taken their time, then the ending would have been much more satisfying for viewers who liked what came before. Overall, while there are some high points in mary kakegurui, We don’t think that it was worth watching just for those moments and you can find something better with less effort. wish you have enjoy watching!

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