Miami Vice Drink Recipe

Miami Vice Drink Recipe
Miami Vice Drink Recipe

Miami Vice Drink is a drink made from the combination of both gin and vodka. The recipe can go either way with one being more sweet than the other depending on personal preference. There are many variations to this cocktail, but a common ingredient is lime juice. For those that want to serve it in a glass with ice, then be sure to use only one ounce of each liquor for every two ounces of juice.
The Miami Vice has been around since at least the 1950s and there have been several different taste profiles attributed to it over time.
What type of person would enjoy this drink? It’s perfect for anyone looking for an easy going, refreshing beverage without too much sweetness or heavy alcohol content.

Introducing Miami Vice drink

Introducing Miami Vice drink
Introducing Miami Vice drink

Miami Vice is an alcoholic beverage invented by Tommy Bryce. The cocktail itself was inspired by the popular TV-series Miami Vice which aired in 1984-1989. It became very popular on many Caribbean islands, especially St. Martin where it takes its name from (in Dutch St Maarten). It is also quite popular in the Netherlands Antilles, Puerto Rico and Florida.

How to Make a Miami Vice Cocktail

1 part gin

2 parts orange juice

1/4 part grenadine OR cherry heering

Shake the above three ingredients with ice. Strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with a maraschino cherry or italian olive.

How to Make a Miami Vice Cocktail
How to Make a Miami Vice Cocktail

Piña Colada Layer

Ingredients: -cake batter (see recipe below)  -vanilla layer cake (see recipe below)  -pineapple jam/preserve (use your favorite jam)  -pina colada liqueur(optional but highly recommended!)

1/2 cup all purpose flour 3/4 tsp baking soda 3/4 tsp salt 1 1/2 sticks soft butter 2 cups white sugar 4 eggs 2 tsp vanilla extract 1 cup crushed pineapple, drained well and patted dry on paper towels with a kitchen towel  (you can drain it overnight in the fridge if you want to do it ahead of time. Make sure that you pat it super super dry or it will be

Strawberry Daiquiri Layer

1 part light rum

1/2 part tequila

1/2 part triple sec

4 parts frozen strawberry daiquiri mix (or syrup)

Mojito Layer:

1 1/2 oz white rum

3/4 oz fresh lime juice

3 tsp sugar

snipped fresh mint leaves, plus extra for garnish. crushed ice cubes

Fill a large mug or parfait glass with crushed ice and set aside. In a blender, combine the strawberries and their syrup, rum, tequila, Triple Sec and lime juice. Add enough of the ice to fill the blender halfway full; cover and blend until smooth. Pour into an empty glass and repeat

To Layer the Drink

are to be layered in order of lightest liquid to heaviest. To achieve this you need a steady hand and an even pour. There are two ways to layer:

The quickest way is by taking advantage of the different specific gravities of each liquid. The best thing about this method is that it doesn’t require any special equipment, just plenty of practice… and a couple of towels on standby.

Here’s how:- add no ice to your glass – add the correct amount (see list below) of liqueur or syrup – slowly add the appropriate amount (see list below) of spirits over the back of a bar spoon so that they don’t mix – gently place on top whatever ingredient it requires (fruit/mint leaves etc.) -Decorating Miami Vice drink recipe

More reference: midori sour

Miami Vice is a colorful and refreshing cocktail made with Malibu, vodka and cranberry juice. The drink was first introduced in 2010 by Ryan Fitzgerald, winner of the Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition (UK). This cocktail recipe combines vibrant colors such as pink and blue to give it a Miami Vice feel. When you serve it pour the pink layer first followed by the blue layer on top.


– 25 ml Malibu

– 25 ml vodka 100 ml cranberry juice

– Splash Grenadine syrup

– Blue Curacao liqueur


1) Fill a highball glass with crushed ice

2) Pour 25ml of Malibu

3) Add 25ml of Vodka

4) Pour 100ml of Cranberry

Miami Vice Drink is perfect for summer

Miami Vice Drink is perfect for summer
Miami Vice Drink is perfect for summer

According to the Miami Herald, The Sybaris Frozen Cocktail is a cocktail that features Malibu Coconut Rum, banana liqueur. cranberry juice and Sprite. It is served in a pineapple with a little umbrella attached to it. This frozen drink is not only delicious but also looks super cute! The pineapple garnish adds an extra sweet treat to the already flavored beverage. If you are someone who loves fruity drinks during summer time, this cocktail will be your new favorite drink…

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