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Sand Crabs!!!!

Watching sand crabs aka sand fleas burrow in the sand. Sandcrabs are a great bait for permit, pompano, flounder, striped bass, and other coastal fishes. They can be caught by digging near the waterline where the ocean meets the beach and the waves wash over. Just dig about 8in into the sand. Look for disturbances in the sand such as mounds, holes, and valleys. Sand crabs are also called sand fleas, and mole crabs. Sand Fleas are crusteceans and feed on plankton. They have the largest sensory neurons found in any animal. Sand crabs spawn in the spring and summer and can lay as many as 45k eggs. When the eggs hatch, the baby sand crabs travel via ocean currents for many miles over 30 days. Mole crabs live about 2-3 years.

Scientific Name: Emerita talpoida

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