Should my husband come to prenatal appointments?

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You should bring your husband or partner to your first prenatal visit and other appointments to provide support for you and to help learn more about what to expect during the pregnancy. Couples that learn about this together will be more comfortable communicating and working together with their physicians.

Should father-to-be attend prenatal appointments?

Ultimately, it is up to the expecting couple to decide if dad should attend any prenatal appointments or not. However, doctors do recommend that fathers-to-be show up for at least a few sessions.

What happens during prenatal care appointments?

Between 18 to 22 weeks you’ll likely have your fifth prenatal care visit. Here’s what this appointment may involve: Record your weight. Urine sample to screen for sugar and protein. Listen to baby’s heartbeat. Measure your fundal height to check baby’s growth. Check your blood pressure. Check for swelling in your hands and feet.

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When will I be seen for my first antenatal appointment?

You will probably be seen for your first appointment between 8 and 10 weeks gestation, though you may be seen earlier if you’re having problems or if it’s your doctor or midwife’s policy.

Does your husband go to the ultrasound appointments?

My husband always goes to the ultrasound appointments. He loves to see that everything is going well. Last year we had a mmc and found out at our first scan. It was devastating and I was so glad he was there with me. All normal check up visits he does not go to.

What To Expect at Your First Prenatal Visit

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1. Should Your Husband Come to Your First Prenatal Visit?

3 Reasons Why Your Husband Should Come to Your First Prenatal Visit. 3.1 Calm Your Nerves. 3.2 You May Hear the First Heartbeat. 3.3 Someone Else to Listen. 3.4 You’ll Have Someone There if There’s Something Wrong. 3.5 He Can Hear the Doctor’s Firsthand.


3. Should my husband come to every appointment? – What to Expect

May 11, 2022 · ashleynb68. Sep 27, 2017 at 2:06 PM. With my first my husband came to the first appointment and to the anatomy scan ultrasound. I agree with pp, they really aren’t needed unless they want to be involved. For me it’s just easier to go pee in a cup, have my cervix checked, get measured and the heartbeat checked and be on my way.


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Wondering if my husband should come with me to my first prenatal appointment? Help? Close. 10. Posted by 2 years ago. Archived. Wondering if my husband should come with me to my first prenatal appointment? Help? Would that be weird? Or would it be weird if he did not go? I have no idea what to expect or what they will do. Any advice is …


5. Having spouse at first prenatal appointment and other questions

If your office confirms pregnancy at the first appointment with an ultrasound, your husband might want to come along to see the baby! My husband only comes to appointments where he can see the baby – for me, it was the first appointment, the 12w appointment (NT measurement ultrasound), and the 20w appointment (growth ultrasound).


7. Should Dads-To-Be Go to the First Prenatal Visit? | The Toddle

Kathryn Kohler, an obstetrician-gynecologist in Laramie, WY, says she loves it when a father comes to prenatal visits, and believes having him there early on is definitely a good idea. … Speaking for myself and my husband, we were thrilled to share that special moment together when I was about eight weeks along in my pregnancy. Seeing our …


8. An OB-GYN’s guide to your preconception appointment

Aug 31, 2020 · A preconception appointment is a visit with your healthcare provider (either a general practitioner, OB-GYN, or midwife) where you can get all kinds of questions answered about fertility, getting pregnant, the early parts of pregnancy, and anything you need to know based on your medical history. This appointment ensures you’re getting …


9. What and Who to Bring to Your Prenatal Check-Up Appointments

Sep 13, 2021 · List of Medications and Supplements. No matter what you’re taking medications for, be sure to bring an updated list to your prenatal visits. Your list should include any medications prescribed by someone other than your doctor or midwife. You will also want to bring in a list of any vitamins or herbal supplements you’re taking as well.


10. First Prenatal Visit: What to Expect at First Pregnancy Appointment

You’ll undergo a battery of other tests. Some tests are routine for every pregnant woman, some are routine in some areas of the country, and some are performed only when necessary. The most common tests at your first prenatal visit include: Urine test. Your urine may be checked for protein, glucose (sugar), white blood cells, blood and bacteria.


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