Should nukes be banned?

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Should we ban nuclear weapons?

The nuclear weapons should be abolished since they pose a great danger to life on earth. These weapons are capable of destroying any form of life on earth. Failing to abolish them and allowing them to be held by more states increases the danger.

Why nuclear weapons are bad?

Why are nuclear weapons bad? Well for a couple of reasons, When delivered, they tend to ignite at extremely hi temperatures. People animals and things for miles are simply evaporated from the heat. The expanding gasses have a super hurricane type wind that knocks down anything not evaporated.

What is the treaty to ban nuclear weapons?

reporting of nuclear material imported to Iran;reporting of the subsequent processing and use of imported nuclear material;declaring of facilities and other locations where nuclear material had been stored and processed.

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Are nuclear weapons illegal?

The treaty makes it illegal under international law to develop, test, possess, host, use or threaten to use nuclear weapons, and has been adopted by two-thirds of UN member states.

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We should not get rid of nuclear weapons because if we did the disposal would cause more problems than the weapons themselves do. Our country’s and other’s safety would be at stake without nuclear weapons. Without nuclear weapons, …


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Nuclear weapons shouldn’t be banned. Well because of how there are many other countries that do. And if we do get rid of these nuclear weapons and remove these systems out then if we are bombed then we will be boned. We wont have …


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Nuclear weapons are. Extremely harmful. It’s literally destroyed a city in Japan, and you think it’s atomic bomb, but it is part of the nuclear weapons. Is should be banned if we don’t want to see the end of the world, everywhere distroyed, which is the only planet we can live, earth, so we should ban nuclear weapons


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Nuclear Weapons should be banned, Countries should not have weapons that could wipe out the civilization. Nuclear weapons pose a direct threat to everyone. They cause distrust among nations and they are useless in addressing any of today ‘s real security threats.


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Mar 31, 2017 · This year’s multilateral negotiations toward a legally binding prohibition on nuclear weapons reflect a growing global recognition that a nuclear-weapons ban is an integral part of the normative framework necessary to achieve and maintain a world free of nuclear weapons. For some observers of nuclear issues, in and out of government, they also constitute a welcome …


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Mar 30, 2014 · There is also a debate. about the pros of keeping nuclear weapons. With all the evidence given, I feel that nuclear weapons should be banned. I think a major reason is the potential threat nuclear weapons possess as well as their ability to wipe out mankind.


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