How To Say Tuesday In Spanish

Tuesday In Spanish | How To Say It
Tuesday In Spanish | How To Say It

Speakers say “martes” to mean Tuesday in Spanish. The word is pronounced mahr-tesh, and it comes from the Latin dies Martis meaning Mars day. In other languages, such as French or Italian, the word for Tuesday is Mardi which also means March in both cases. Interestingly enough, there are many words that have been used historically to refer to a Tuesday: Tiwesdaeg (Old English), Tywesday (Middle English), Tuiesdaei (Scots) and Donnerstag (German).
In Spanish the phrase “Hoy es martes” can be translated into “Today is tuesday.”

Tuesday In Spanish

Spanish speakers refer to Tuesday as el martes.

El martes is a masculine noun, meaning it will take the gender-specific article el. Here are some other useful Spanish nouns for your studies: la lunes (Monday), el miércoles (Wednesday), el viernes (Friday)…

What does martes mean in spanish?

In spanish martes is the second day of the week. In english monday is derived from moon, tuesday from Tiw goddess of war and wednesday from Woden a norse war god. Thursday means Thor’s Day because it was named after thor who is a norse god very much like woden.

Tuesday could be translated to martes but in fact Tuesday is not a translation it has been evolved into one word with different meanings all around the world as well as having its own meaning in different languages as well as being a name for many people all over the world. In latin language Tuesday would have meant Mars’ day referring to norse blót which was an offer to sea god Ægir over to mid-winter festival.

Some sentence use Tuesday in Spanish:

He’s coming on Tuesday.
Él viene el martes.

The meeting was Tuesday.
La reunión fue el martes.

On Tuesdays I leave early.
Los martes salgo temprano.

I talked to a lawyer last tuesday, 2 weeks ago.
Hablé con un abogado el martes de hace dos semanas.

Oh. And remember, our session on tuesday is at 4:00.
Oh, y recordad, nuestra sesión del martes es a las cuatro.

Opening hours: Monday, tuesday and thursday from 14.30 to 16.30hs.
Horário de atención: Lunes, martes y jueves de 14.30 a 16.30hs.

I think he’s in your book for tuesday.
Creo que está en tu agenda para el martes.

You can’t you make a little time on tuesday?
¿No puedes hacerte un pequeño tiempo el martes?

You know, he hasn’t changed his socks since tuesday?
¿Sabías que no se ha cambiado de calcetines desde el martes?

I can’t remember what I did on tuesday night.
No puedo recordar que hice el Martes en la noche.

We’re not going to start recording until tuesday.
No vamos a empezar la grabación hasta el próximo martes.

Last Tuesday
martes pasado

Next Tuesday
próximo Martes, el martes próximo

On Tuesday
el martes

Spanish words

Ways to say “Tuesday” in other countries:

In other languages Tuesday has different meanings, in spanish it is martes, in french mardi, in greek tirosdeka, in Italian martedi because of Mars’ day referring to norse blót which was an offer to sea god Ægir over to mid-winter festival. In swahili Mambo Likambo ya Mwezi meaning “First day for moon”. In nahuatl Xōchitl icpalli meaning “Pleasant or beautiful flower” and īpan mētztli meaning “Middle of the month”.

Some sentence in Spanish

– El martes tiene algunas cosas que hacer / da especial.

Un Tuesday has some things to do / day is special.

– On tuesday you can go to the movies for cheap.

El martes puede ir al cine por barato.

– I have many friends at school and we meet every tuesday.

Tengo muchos amigos en el colegio y nos juntamos todos los martes.

– On wednesday there is not school because it’s the day of the dead in Mexico, a very special day! It’s a national holiday but if you go out you can find some stores open money reasons!!

El miércoles no hay escuela porque es el “day of the dead” en México, un día muy importante! Es feriado nacional pero si salen encontrarán algunas tiendas abiertas porque quieren dinero también.

(In Spain there aren’t walking-out days in school… but on wednesday everybody go to the stadium and watch a football match!! So they make a party!!!)

– And finally Thursday is a very special day too but I will talk about it another time.

Y para finalizar el jueves es otro muy especial pero hablaremos de ello en otro momento.

Spanish in some sentence

Learning the Spanish language is a great way to connect with people in other countries. You can find many resources online, or at your local library for free! Tuesday is a great day to start your week. The pronunciation of Tuesday will be much easier when you learn how to say it correctly. If you’re trying to speak spanish and finding some meaning of spanish words, let’s follow us, will give you more useful information, thank for your reading!

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