Was do ut des?

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ˌdōˌu̇tˈdās Definition of do ut des : a commutative contract whereby something is given so that something may be received in return

What is the meaning of do ut des?

Definition of do ut des. : a commutative contract whereby something is given so that something may be received in return.

What is do u ut des Grace?

Integral to the concept of do ut des is Grace (Greek: Kharis, Latin: Gratia ), which partakes in do ut des as the reputation of one’s reciprocity and relationship that they have with the divine (Burkert 1985, 189).

What is the economy of do ut des?

It is an economy of piety which is very much in the spirit of hospitality (xenía/ξενία). The theory of do ut des is that we give the Gods something of worth, and in exchange, we receive from Them something of value, which results in us giving more worth to the Gods, which results in receiving something else of value, and so forth.

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Is “do ut des” a gift for a gift?

The reduction of do ut des to merely a “gift for a gift” is ultimately derived from Galilean and Pauline theology. This is a reductive form of the concept which turns it into a mere bribery or business transaction, giving it its sanitized appearance. It is a selfish attempt to manipulate or elicit favours by bribing a God with gifts.

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Definition of do ut des. : a commutative contract whereby something is given so that something may be received in return.

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The do ut des principle is particularly active in magic and private ritual. Do ut des was also a judicial concept of contract law. In Pauline theology, do ut des was viewed as a reductive form of piety, merely a “business transaction”, in contrast to God’s unilateral grace (χάρις, charis). Max …

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