Was salome herod’s niece?

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Herodias was the half-niece of Herod II, who was, for a time, the presumptive heir of his father. Salome was their daughter. But when Herod II’s older brother, AntipaterAntipater the IdumaeanAntipater I the Idumaean was the founder of the Herodian Dynasty and father of Herod the Great. According to Josephus, he was the son of Antipas and had formerly held that name. A native of Idumaea, southeast of Judea between the Dead Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba, which during the time of the Hebrew Bible had been known as the land of Edom, Antipater became a powerful official under the later H…en.wikipedia.org III, opposed his father’s choice of heir, Herod the Great put Herod II second in line of succession.

Who were Salome’s parents Herod and Herodias?

Herod obliged. Who were Salome’s parents? Salome was the daughter of Herod Philip (son of Herod the Great and Cleopatra of Jerusalem) and of Herodias. She was the stepdaughter of Herod Antipas, who executed John the Baptist at Salome’s request after she pleased Herod by dancing at his birthday feast.

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What wish did Salome ask Herod to grant?

Salome (Herodias’ daughter by her first husband) performed a dance that so pleased Herod that he offered to grant any wish she expressed. Prompted by her mother, Salome asked for John’s head on a platter, a wish the reluctant Herod was bound to fulfill.….

Why did Salome ask Herodias for John the Baptist head?

Salome went to Herodias to ask her advice on what the gift should be, and Herodias told her to ask for the head of John the Baptist on a platter. Salome obediently asked Herod for this grisly gift, and, though the Bible says Herod was grieved, he honored his promise.

Who was Herod the Great’s son?

Even Herod the Great always had at least one son living in Rome at any time. Herod the son of Salome (Herodion is the diminutive of Herod) was later personally known to Josephus, who called him ‘a very humble man’. An unusual characteristic for a Herodian.

Bible Character: Salome

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Jan 04, 2022 · However, Herodias herself was the daughter of another of Herod’s half-brothers, Aristobulus, making her not only the wife but the niece of both Philip and Herod—and a sister-in-law of Herod. Salome was Herodias’s daughter through Philip. Thus, Salome was the daughter (and grandniece) of Philip and the step-daughter (and grandniece by marriage) of Herod; she …

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Salome, (flourished 1st century ce ), according to the Jewish historian Josephus, the daughter of Herodias and stepdaughter of Herod Antipas, tetrarch (ruler appointed by Rome) of Galilee, a region in Palestine. In Biblical literature she is remembered as the immediate agent in the execution of John the Baptist.

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influence on Herod I. In Herod: Construction of the Second Temple and role in the story of Jesus. …attacks of jealousy; his sister Salome (not to be confused with her great-niece, Herodias’s daughter Salome) made good use of his natural suspicions and poisoned his mind against his wife in order to wreck the union. In the end Herod murdered Mariamne, her two sons, her …

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Sep 23, 2021 · Herod Antipas, his unlawful wife and niece Herodias, and his step-daughter and niece Salome were all involved in the murder of John the Baptist; three siblings – KIng Herod Agrippa !! and his sisters Berenice and Drusilla – were all involved in the interrogation of the Apostle Paul at Caesarea, yet remained unrepentant.

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Mar 09, 2022 · Herod clearly has sexual feelings for Salomé even though she is his niece and step-daughter. Salomé flirts with a young Syrian guard, to Herod’s dismay. Herod brings Jokanaan out from the cistern…

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The climax was when Herodias’ daughter Salome, who was actually Herod’s niece as well, danced an apparently suggestive dance that was meant to arouse Herod and make him vulnerable to suggestion. Salome’s mother saw it as the chance she had been waiting for.

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As Salome was passing over a frozen river, the ice broke and she sank in up to her neck and died. Wherefore the just vengeance of God burned against all who were concerned in this crime. Herod was defeated by Aretas. Afterwards he was banished with Herodias to Lyons, and deprived of his tetrarchy and everything by Caligula, at the instigation …

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