What donna summer song was on bob’s burgers?

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Who sings the rotten egg song in Bob’s burgers?

Sung by Linda while Gene plays it on a stereo to help drive Big Baby Pudding Snatcher away so Bob could get the remaining rotten egg in the crawl space. Sung by Bob and Teddy during the End Credits Sequence .

What song does Bob and Mr Fischoeder play during the game?

Plays during Bob and Mr. Fischoeder’s game of Rock Paper Scissors. Sung by Tina before the baseball game Bob organizes to prove that the Deuce is a fake. John Roberts (originally performed by C+C Music Factory feat.

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What song plays when Bob striptease in the movie?

Plays on the radio while Bob stripteases. Sung by Teddy over the end credits. Plays during the helicopter battle, a reference to Apocalypse Now . Sung by Darryl in the computer lab.

What song does Linda sing at the end of burgerzilla?

Linda sings the song after the clock strikes midnight, she is interrupted by Gary ‘s truck reversing into the car leading her to sing “Holy craaap” rather than “Holy night”. Second appearance in the series. Plays during the Burgerzilla sequence of the family’s commerical on the end credits.

Bob’s Burgers – Dawn of the Peck– clip3

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Donna is Linda’s boss while she is working temporarily at the post office in “Have Yourself a Maily Linda Christmas”. Donna is averse to Linda’s spreading Christmas cheer during her shift. Donna is strict to follow protocol despite knowing that there was a missing package in an empty container that she stacked while looking away. She sings in a church choir with Speedo Guy. Her son, …

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Oct 16, 2012 · UK hit 1979 peaked at No.29, 9 weeks on chart

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