What is kol streamer?

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Live streamers are more like online sales in function, and usually have professional product knowledge reserves (e.g., Austin Li used to be L’Oréal offline sales). After switching from offline one-for-one sales to online one-for-all, live-streamers with more fans accumulated are called Live Streaming KOLs.

What is a Kol on YouTube?

A KOL is similar to an influencer in regards to follower size, but a KOL has a more targeted audience. For instance, Hill’s YouTube channel is dedicated solely to beauty trends and products. If she were to post a cooking video, it might not be well-received by her community.

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What is mlbb TikTok creator and Kol streamer?

Its MLBB tiktok creator , not KOL streamer they are seperate. For tiktok creator, you will get rewards if you create contents about Mlbb on tiktok. For KOL streamer, you have to be a fb steamer for ML and will get rewards and salary from Monnton.

Is Moonton looking for Kol streamers?

Moonton is looking for KOL streamers – News – Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – Powered by Discuz! Sign up now, Make more friends, Enjoy with more features, Let you easily Fun Community. You have to Login for download or view attachment (s). No Account? Register

What is the difference between Kol and influencer?

What’s different from an influencer is, if an Influencer is a personal career where you are free to decide what content you want, for KOL you can only create content only about the Mobile Legends game. Then how do you become a KOL? Here are the conditions!

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Dec 06, 2019 · KOL stands for “key opinion leader.”. A KOL is a leading expert in their field or industry. These are folks with opinions that carry a lot of weight. And no, that’s not people like the Kardashians. We’re talking about real-world experts like doctors and lawyers.

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KOL Streamer. 375 likes. Gaming Video Creator. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page.

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