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What Is Takuache Haircut

Today’s blog post is going to be about the Takuache haircut. The Takuache cut is a unique hairstyle that has been around for centuries, originating in Mexico and many countries all over South America. This new trend was brought into modern society by popular American singer Kesha who sported this look on the red carpet at the 2011 Grammys.  The Takuache haircut is not like any other hair style you may have seen before, it typically includes shaving or cutting designs into the sides of your head with either clippers or razors along with leaving an unshaven strip down the middle of your scalp which can range in size depending on how daring you are feeling.

Takuache haircut – What is Takuache?

A new hair salon on the corner of Park and Central has been drawing crowds. A new acronym, TAKUA-CHE , this salon is not just a quick cut, but an experience that promises to be part or your life’s story. So what you waiting for? Book your appointment now!

Takuache: What does it mean?

For some time we have been hearing rumours about this place and honestly we did not believe it would become a reality. The story goes like this; our sources tell us that one night there was a get together of sorts with friends and famous people (we don’t want to spoil the surprise here) when all of the sudden someone had heard from someone else who had heard from another person that a famous and wealthy person had bought the old old barber shop on Central. Well, it’s true! Our fabulous neighbours have finally shown us their plans. What we saw left our mouths wide open…

They even called in mixologists to design Takuache’s signature drinks. We could not believe our eyes as we walked through the doors and were transported back in time by all of these wonderful vintage touches! As if that was not enough, when you enter the maître’d is ready with your welcome drink…

From there they take you on an amazing journey where they will cut your hair in true CUT fashion being sure to capture every detail of your life story along the way until they reach this magnificent finale!

Our sources tell us that the price is quite expensive, but once you see the final result I promise you will understand why! We are not sure when these photos were taken, but if they are to be believed this man received an amazing video game cut.

We have also heard that everyone who visits Takuache leaves with a free vintage photo of their pampered handsomeness.

There are rumours that Takuache is only open one night a month and our sources have told us that it has become very popular so you should book your date now!

How to style takuache haircut?

Takuache is shaved of the back and sides, and left extended at the top of head. The length of top hair becomes getting long gradually unlike other haircut. It looks cool .

Quiff Takuache

I think that this is classical takuache style. Even if you use quiff hairstyle ,it’s so stylish!

Quiff Takuache
Quiff Takuache

Behind Takuache

This type of takuache is also cool .You feel like showing power because it has some volume.If you want to try some change, I recommend this one!

Edgar haircut
Edgar haircut hairstyles

To style your takuache haircut, you can use a hair dryer and comb. Make sure the hair is completely dried before using any other tools on it to maintain its shape. You can also try styling with hairspray or gel for added control and shine. If you need help deciding how to wear this popular hairstyle, we recommend consulting YouTube tutorials like “Takuache Hair Tutorial”. wish you succeed!

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