When did cartouche begin?

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The first examples of the cartouche are associated with pharaohs at the end of the Third Dynasty, but the feature did not come into common use until the beginning of the Fourth Dynasty under Pharaoh Sneferu.

Where did the term cartouche originate?

Counter-intuitively, the term cartouche actually comes from the French soldiers who were present in large numbers in Egypt during Napoleon Bonaparte’s famous “Campaign of Egypt”.

When did cartographic cartouches become popular?

The cartographic cartouche had its heyday in the Baroque period. Toward the end of the 18th century ornamental effects in cartography became less popular, their style developed to simple oval or rectangular fields with inscriptions. Cartouches, or Decorative Map Titles.

Who is Louis cartouche?

Louis Dominique Garthhausen, better known as Cartouche. Author’s collection. Cartouche’s incorrigibleness began at the early age of 11 while he was with the Jesuits. One of his first incorrigible acts occurred when he stole and disposed of 28 nightcaps that belonged to his fellow students. The theft was discovered at bedtime.

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What happened to cartouche the robber?

“Cartouche the famous Robber, is imprisoned in a Room adorned with Tapestry, but he must content himself with a Bed of Stone and his Hands, Feet, and the rest of his Body are so loaded with Irons, that he can only move his head.” [9] His trial was of great interest to the public.

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The first examples of the cartouche are associated with pharaohs at the end of the Third Dynasty, but the feature did not come into common use until the beginning of the Fourth Dynasty under Pharaoh Sneferu. While the cartouche is usually vertical with a horizontal line, if it makes the name fit better it can be horizontal, with a vertical line at the end (in the …

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2. New Symbols of Hierarchy: On the Origins of the Cartouche …

To draw the cartouche, the loops of rope forming the shen-ring were stretched out into a new ovoid form more appropriate for encircling the pharaoh’s name in hieroglyphs. But why did these changes occur at that time? As my research into this subject developed, an intriguing hypothesis began to emerge from the data.

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an Ancient Egyptian cartouche /kɑːrˈtuːʃ/ is an oval shape with a horizontal baseline at buttom, The symbols inclosed enclosed is a royal name.Cartouche started to be used from the Fourth Dynasty under Pharaoh Sneferu, The cartouche could be horizontal or vertical based on name fittin. the hieroglyphic word for cartouche is shenu. How To say Cartouche.

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cartouche, in architecture, ornamentation in scroll form, applied especially to elaborate frames around tablets or coats of arms. By extension, the word is applied to any oval shape or even to a decorative shield, whether scroll-like in appearance or not. The oval frame enclosing Egyptian hieroglyphs that represent a name is also called a cartouche.

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Oct 27, 2021 · The common term “cartouche” originated from the very late 18th century C.E. when Napoleon Bonaparte’s soldiers came across depictions of the Shen in Egypt. Soldiers thought the shape resembled a …

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Jan 11, 2022 · A cartouche is an ancient Egyptian name plate. Shaped like an oval with a horizontal bar at the bottom, each cartouche contains a royal name. Based on the French word for a gun cartridge, the …

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9. The Egyptian Cartouches | Egyptian History

Dec 10, 2020 · 1) The Egyptian cartouches. Known as ” shenou ” in the ancient Egyptian language, Egyptian cartouches are symbols designed to accommodate the inscription of a pharaoh’s name. The basic shape of the cartouches is a vertical oval with a line drawn perpendicular to the oval at its lower edge. This line represents a pedestal on which the …

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10. Ancient Egypt – Kings List and Cartouches

From the 4th Dynasty onwards, we have usually given one or both of the so called cartouche names (i.e. the ‘nesu-bit’ and ‘son of Ra’ names), and we have also sometimes added the Greek form of the name, especially when this is the name by which a ruler is better known to modern readers (e.g. Cheops for Khufu).

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