Where is the cotyloid bone located?

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Where is the coccyx bone located?

Coccyx is one of the bones that bear the body’s weight while sitting. The coccyx is located in the most distal portion of the spine, just below the sacrum. It is the lowermost part of the pelvic girdle or pelvis.

Where is the tailbone located?

It is the terminal part of the vertebral column that makes up the very bottom portion of the spine below the sacrum. It is usually composed of four vertebrae (Co1- Co4), which fuse to produce a triangular shape, resembling a shortened tail. As it is the remnant of the vestigial tail, it is commonly known as tailbone.

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What is the occipital bone?

The occipital bone houses the back part of the brain and is one of seven bones that come together to form the skull. It is located next to five of the cranium bones. As a person ages, their occipital bones will fuse to the other bones of their skull.

What attaches to the lateral borders of the coccyx?

The lateral borders of the coccyx serve as an attachment site for the sacrotuberous, coccygeus, and sacrospinous ligaments, and the fibers of the gluteus maximus muscle. The top, wide portion of the coccyx is referred to as its base. It contains a proximal, oval facet for articulation with the sacrum.

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1. Cotyloid bone | definition of cotyloid bone by Medical dictionary

cotyloid bone. A bone that forms a part of the medial portion of the acetabulum during fetal development. It subsequently fuses with the pubis. See also: bone. Medical Dictionary, © 2009 …

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A cotyloid bone is found in. A. Pelvic girdle of frog. B. Pelvic girdle of rabbit. C. Pectoral~girdle of rabbit. D. Skull of frog. Medium. Open in App. Solution. Verified by Toppr. Correct option is B) Solve any question of Locomotion And Movement with: …

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4. cotyloid bone

cotyloid — cot y*loid, cotyloidal cotyloidal(k?t ? loid), a. [Cotyle + oid] (Anat.) (a) Shaped like a cup; cup shaped; as, the cotyloid cavity, the cup shaped socket which receives the head of …

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May 02, 2022 · Synonyms: Cotyloid cavity of hip bone The lateral aspect of the hip bone houses the acetabulum, one of the most prominent landmarks of this bone. It bears a socket shaped articular surface that faces anteroinferiorly which articulates with …

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6. Cotyloid bone – definition of cotyloid bone by The Free Dictionary

bone (bōn) n. 1. a. The dense, semirigid, porous, calcified connective tissue forming the major portion of the skeleton of most vertebrates. It consists of a dense organic matrix and an inorganic, mineral component. b. Any of numerous anatomically distinct structures making up the skeleton of a vertebrate animal. There are more than 200 different bones …

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7. FR2882921B1 – Cotyloid bone fusion prosthesis – Google Patents

discuss; 210000000988 bone and bones anatomy 0.000 title 1; 230000004927 fusion effects 0.000 title 1; classifications. a — human necessities; a61 — medical or veterinary science; hygiene; a61f — filters implantable into blood vessels; prostheses; devices providing patency to, or preventing collapsing of, tubular structures of the body, e.g. stents; orthopaedic, nursing or …

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9. Coccyx Area, Anatomy & Function | Body Maps – Healthline

Jan 20, 2018 · Coccyx The coccyx, also known as the tailbone, is a small, triangular bone resembling a shortened tail located at the bottom of the spine. It is composed of three to five coccygeal vertebrae or…

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Jan 26, 2022 · It is situated above and behind the foramen magnum and curved downward on each side. There are two curved lines on each side: the highest nuchal line and the superior nuchal line. There is also a middle line running through the …

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