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Why it’s IMPORTANT to use the Correct Air in Your Tires (Summer & Winter Air)!

I show why is it important to not only fill your tires up to the correct pressure but also use the CORRECT AIR! Learn how to replace winter air, with summer air!

Most people know when filling your car or truck tries that you need to fill it to the correct air pressure. What people dont know, is the air that goes into the tires is just as important. Winter air is cold, dry, and dense, therefore heavy while summer air is warm, humid, and light. Running winter air in the summer will cause lower tire pressure and decreased fuel economy (mpg). Running summer tire in the winter, will cause loss of traction and over inflated tires which could lead to a blow out!

Thanks Engineering Explained for the collab:

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Tools and Products Used:
Left Handed Pliers Set (great value):
Valve Core Tool:
Air Pressure Gauge:
Summer Air:
Winter Air:

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