Will metastatic breast cancer kill you?

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Life expectancy statistics for metastatic breast cancer are not high, as this is the most advanced stage of breast cancer. The expansion of cancer and resulting symptoms vary from person to person. However, available treatments may help a patient feel more comfortable and live longer.

What is life expectancy with metastatic breast cancer?

Well-intentioned people try to come up with something ( anything) to say to let the person know they’re there for them, and that they’re sorry it’s happening. They want to make them feel better. They want to give them the world. Instead, they often end up, unwittingly, saying something hurtful.

What not to say to someone with metastatic breast cancer?

Table 4 Odds ratio and 95% confidence intervals (OR, 95% CI) for the association of quintiles of the cumulative airborne cadmium exposure with risk of breast cancer according to the histological type in the case–control study nested within the E3N cohort, France, 1990–2008.

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Understanding metastatic breast cancer

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1. Metastatic breast cancer: End-of-life symptoms and care

Nov 28, 2018 · This means that people with metastatic breast cancer are 22 percent as likely as people without the condition to live at least 5 years following diagnosis. However, many factors can affect how …

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2. Metastatic Breast Cancer | Johns Hopkins Medicine

Metastatic breast cancer is serious, but the diagnosis does not always mean the end of life. The most common place for breast cancer to spread is to the bones. The liver and the lungs are other areas where breast cancer can metastasize. In about 15% of cases, metastatic breast cancer can be detected at the time of diagnosis.

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3. Metastatic Breast Cancer

Feb 09, 2022 · Advertisement. Metastatic breast cancer — also called stage IV — is breast cancer that has spread to. another part of the body, most commonly the bones, lungs, brain, or liver. Advertisement. The process of cancer spreading is called metastasis. Metastasis happens when cancer cells break away from the original tumor in the breast and travel …

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5. How to Treat Metastatic Breast Cancer – WebMD

Your doctor may suggest radiation therapy to ease symptoms and control cancer in certain areas of your body. This treatment uses high-energy X-rays or other particles to kill cancer cells. For …

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6. Sexual side effects of metastatic breast cancer | LBBC

Radiation therapy directs high-energy x-rays at precise areas to kill cancer cells. Breast radiation does not directly decrease sexual arousal or response, but it can cause side effects that may impact your sexuality, including:. Breast discomfort, due to tenderness and swelling; Fatigue; Range of motion problems because of scarring or lymphedema; Skin changes, such as …

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7. Causes of death in breast cancer: a clinicopathologic study

The most common cause of death was metastatic disease to various organs, accounting for 42% of all deaths. Infection was the second most common cause of death; however, only 27% of the patients with infection had significant neutropenia.

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8. Metastatic Breast Cancer: Ways to Ease Treatment

May 10, 2022 · There’s breast cancer, and then there’s metastatic breast cancer.The thing about MBC—a.k.a. stage IV—is knowing that you will …

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