Yamaha Banshee Specs, Hp, Weight And Top Speed

Yamaha Banshee Specs, Hp, Weight And Top Speed
Yamaha Banshee Specs, Hp, Weight And Top Speed

Yamaha Banshee is a popular sport ATV that was first introduced in 1984. In the past, it has been known as Warrior and Viking. It’s one of the most sought after models because of its high performance and affordability.

The Yamaha banshee specs are very impressive with an engine displacement of 599 cc, 19 horsepower at 7500 rpm, torque of 40 Nm at 5000 rpm for both 4-stroke and 2-stroke engines respectively.  The weight ranges from 215 to 235 lbs depending on the model while the top speed is around 60 mph or 94 km/h.

Yamaha Banshee Specs, Hp, Weight And Top Speed
Yamaha Banshee Specs, Hp, Weight And Top Speed

Yamaha Banshee In-Depth Guide

The Yamaha Banshee is a motorcycle, used as both a sportbike and an ATV. The design of the Banshee has changed throughout the years to reflect the needs of its riders and their quest for performance, and it now offers increased power and performance.

Although originally designed as a pure sport bike or “crotch rocket”, it is now more widely used as an all-terrain vehicle(ATV). There are many aftermarket parts available from companies such as Tommy Milton Composites, which enable owners to make their Banshees faster, stronger, lighter, sleeker, better looking… overall badder.

Yamaha Banshee 350 Specs

  • Power 86.93 HP (63.2 kW)) @ 8500 RPM
  • Torque 68 Nm (50 ft-lbs) @ 7000 RPM
  • Dry weight 189 kg (417 lbs)
  • Wheelbase 1485 mm (58.3 inches)
  • Seat height 865 mm (34 inches)
  • Transmission 6 speed, chain drive
  • Front suspension 41mm hydraulic telescopic fork
  • Rear suspensionUnique swingarm with adjustable monoshock
  • Front brake 2x 272mm discs 4 piston caliper
  • Rear brake Single 220mm disc 1 piston caliper
  • Speedo Reading 100 km/h = 62 mph
  • Fuel capacity 13 litres or 3.4 gallons
  • Range on reserve 200 km or 124 miles
  • Warranty 1 year unlimited mileage Colors Red, Blue, Black and Silver

Yamaha Banshee Top Speed

Yamaha Banshee Top Speed
Yamaha Banshee Top Speed

The Yamaha Banshee has been around for decades now. It’s a big, tough and reliable twin-cylinder beast with great suspension and brakes that can (and sometimes does) go as fast as you’re willing to push it — or even faster! Many experienced riders consider the Banshee their all-time favorite motorcycle. And lots of would-be riders choose the machine as their first big bike, lured by its reputation and its relatively low cost.

Yamaha Banshee Oil Capacity and Type

Oil Capacity – 4 Quarts Type – 10W-30 or 10W-40 with API rating of SL or SM [ JASO MA2 requirements] Synthetic is not recommended . If you cannot find either oil in your area please use 15W-40 conventional non detergent with an API rating of SG/SH.

NOTE : The USFS may say that a synthetic oil is legal but it does NOT have to meet the viscosity requirement , therefore it would be illegal for off road use according to the AMA rules.

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Yamaha Banshee Oil Capacity and Type
Yamaha Banshee Oil Capacity and Type

Yamaha Banshee Oil Change Procedure

Most brands and types of oil will do the same job. But be careful, some people have said that using multi-grade oils such as 10w-40 or 10w-60 can cause clogged jets because they are designed for colder climates where it demands a thicker viscosity in order to properly lubricate parts when cold. If you’re going to use a different brand/type of oil; make sure it’s 4 stroke motorcycle oil without ANY additives (ie: no teflon, no molybdenum).I recommend Maxima #973 or Maxima FZ4 for cases that require synthetic oils and

Does Yamaha still make the Banshee?

Yes. In the US, Banshees were imported and sold between 1987 and 2006. They initially carried the name “Banshee 250” but then later became known as “SR250.” This bike was eventually discontinued globally in 2008 and replaced with a completely redesigned model. It is this bike that we currently know as the Yamaha YZF-R6 sport bike.

Production of the SR400 continued in Japan until 2010 where it was replaced by an electric version called the SMax or Maxsym 400 E. There are no plans to sell either of these two new models outside of Asia, so if you’re looking for a new old stock (NOS) bike then your best bet is probably to check eBay or another online auction site

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